With A Gift

With A Gift

Today is Giving Tuesday. With a gift of $100, individuals with vision loss gain independence.

Your generous donation to Blind & Vision Rehabilitation Services of Pittsburgh truly has an impact on the lives of people like Angela Woodard, who nearly 25 years ago was declared legally blind but neither she nor her doctors know why.

While the “why” still gnaws at her, Angela now chooses to concentrate on “how to be a blind person.” She’s completed our Personal Adjustment to Blindness Training program and learned to use a white cane, ride public transportation, do her laundry properly, and put on her makeup.Angela Woodard

When she came to us, she was terrified. Now, Angela is confident. Confident enough to move from her sister’s home to her own apartment. Confident enough to enroll in an urban university. She plans to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in public relations and advertising in 2017.

Angela gives us a lot of credit for her accomplishments and lauds our patient instructors. “One of the unexpected surprises was the grace that was present,”she says. We, in turn, give Angela lots of credit for making the decision to learn how to be independent.

But without your generous support, our work and Angela’s confidence would not be possible. You continue to reinforce our mission of changing the lives of persons with vision loss and other disabilities by fostering independence and individual choice.

Thank you for making a difference.

Make your year-end GIFT today.
Thank you.