Services for Seniors

Participants in the New Outlook programSmall Group Classes

Our New Outlook Program features classes and training in a variety of adaptive skills and techniques for seniors and others who are vision impaired. Classes are offered one day each week for six classes. Individuals learn to accomplish many tasks—like cooking—safely in their homes.

In-home Instruction

Our Community Based Training program helps seniors adjust, adapt and continue to live independently with vision loss. Individuals benefit from personalized needs assessment and education in areas such as mobility, daily living activities, communications and basic computer skills.

More Information

For details about our New Outlook classes or the Community Based Training program, contact Bonnie Rizzino at 368-4400 ext. 2246 or email at

Special Services

Through this program, qualified individuals in the community who have vision loss receive transportation and escort service from their homes to appointments and support services such as shopping and filling out forms. See Special Services.