Access Technology

Access Technology Center student and instructor

The Access Technology Center offers the highest quality training available in the use of adapted computers, software, and other electronic devices. Training is provided in basic computer literacy and word processing, updating software, system maintenance, and trouble shooting. We also teach computer terminology and file management techniques.

Individuals range from teenagers to adults of all ages, including mid-career professionals, job seekers, senior citizens and U.S. military veterans. Individuals either commute or stay in our residence. In-home or workplace instruction and training also can be arranged, and individuals may try different equipment before deciding what suits their needs.

We offer training on:

  • Computers
  • Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
  • iOS devices
  • Note takers
  • Accessible GPS systems
  • Accessible cell phones
  • Screen magnification software
  • Braille printers
  • Screen reading software
  • Braille displays
  • Optical Character Recognition with scanners and cameras
  • Split-screen closed circuit TVs
  • Voice recognition software

Each person receives individualized evaluation and training. Our instructors, some of whom are vision impaired, are experts at teaching people with vision loss how to become proficient in the use of adapted equipment. Many persons using this service have never touched a keyboard. But after successfully completing Access Technology classes, they are comfortable accessing the Internet for banking, bill paying, shopping, reading online newspapers, checking the stock market, conducting job searches, sending emails, perusing websites. They also are ready to compete in educational or employment arenas.

More Information

For details about Access Technology services, contact Tracey Morsek at 412-368-4400 or email at; toll-free in PA 800-706-5050.

ProMOTE Program

Register for the upcoming virtual class, February 15 through March 12, 2021.

ProMOTE – Professional Mastery of Office Technology for Employment program was developed by National Industries for the Blind (NIB) to address the growing need for qualified professional talent and to provide candidates who are blind or have low vision with the opportunity to enhance skills for upward mobility and career opportunities. This four-week intensive study program is designed to train students in contemporary advanced office skills so that graduates may competitively compete for professional jobs that align with their educational and professional backgrounds.

To be eligible for enrollment, students are required to complete a qualifying exam to determine that they have at least an intermediate knowledge of the computer and their adaptive software. During class students will learn to create, format and edit Microsoft Word documents; navigate and manipulate Excel spreadsheets; and create and deliver PowerPoint presentations, as well as search and download files from the Internet, and produce accessible documents. In addition to the technological skills acquired, the program’s immersive atmosphere is designed to simulate a modern office’s pace and needs, so that graduates will be prepared with a rounded set of office skills, a sense of what is expected of them in a work environment, and the confidence to succeed.

If you have any questions, please contact Art Rizzino at or 412.368.4400. If you are interested in participating in ProMOTE download and complete the application and submit to by February 1, 2021. Click here to download the application.