Contracting With BVRS

Contract Services

BVRS offers a number contract services for businesses, including:participants in Employment Transition Program packing boxes

  • rolling plastic ware with napkins for catering companies and restaurants
  • shredding for any type of business
  • sealing and labeling of envelopes
  • stapling and collating paperwork
  • packing products
  • unpacking and repacking bulk products
  • price tagging items
  • assembly

Need something that is not listed above? Call us at 412-368-4400 and we will work with your business to meet your needs and provide quality products. All contract work is done by participants in our Employment Transition Program, which offers job opportunities for adults with vision loss and other disabilities. Through training and varied work experiences, participants develop the skills needed for successful employment.

Cleaning Services

BVRS offers high quality commercial cleaning at economical rates. Our experienced staff provides office cleaning services for:

  • offices/office buildings
  • schools
  • medical groups
  • factories
  • industrial buildings
  • government facilities
  • transportation companies
  • funeral homes
  • institutional facilities

Our customized janitorial services, which include complete floor care, are provided by skilled workers with disabilities who are employed by our PBA Industries division. For details, call 412-368-4400.

Manufacturing Services

samples of custom textile productsFor both the public and private sectors, BVRS manufactures a variety of products including construction safety items, portable highway signs, and other signage, as well as textile products. We also can partner with you for your company’s custom work, and provide:

  • assembly
  • inspection
  • quality control
  • packing
  • distribution

We can create custom textile products to your specifications. Our expert workforce can follow your pattern or create a custom product, with quick turnaround of small lots or large lots.

Our custom manufacturing services are provided by skilled craftsmen who are blind or vision impaired and are employed by our PBA Industries division. For details, call 412-368-4400.

Website Accessibility

Access Technology Center instructor Art Rizzino at workOur Access Technology Center (ATC), known for providing expert technology assessments for individuals who are vision impaired, has now been tapped for providing assessments on the accessibility of websites.

ATC has provided website accessibility assessments to the National Industries for the Blind (NIB) for its site and its 75th anniversary site

We are happy to assist businesses and corporations of all sizes. Contact Barb Peterson, 412-368-4400 ext. 2245 or to discuss contracting with us for website accessibility assessments.