Brenda Davis

Brenda Davis has only been attending the Community Transition Program for one year, but clearly loves to spend her days with us. When Brenda comes to CTP each morning, you hear her greeting everyone long before you see her walk in the door. She is often dressed to the max in colorful outfits with lots of colorful jewelry. She has a huge personality that is almost as big as her amazing smile.Brenda Davis

We do a variety of activities in CTP but if you ask Brenda what she would like to do, her answer is some type of art project. She has a definite eye for design and an enthusiasm for color. This is how Brenda became our featured artist.

When we decided to have an art exhibit, Brenda illustrated a series of characters wearing eye glasses. Her first exhibit piece, “Eyes Wide Open,” was appropriately created for BVRS. “Eyes Wide Open” is a true example of her unique artistic style. In addition, Brenda creates what she calls “dolls.” These mixed media characters are both colorful and well dressed, and Brenda likes to name her dolls after popular television cartoons of her childhood — like Bam Bam and Pebbles.

It’s been rewarding for the staff to watch Brenda’s artistic abilities grow over the past year as she has explored different mediums and styles.