Corporate Cup

Corporate Cup


Thank you to everyone who supported the 33rd annual Corporate Cup Ski Race and Sporting Clays event on Friday, February 24, 2017 at Seven Springs Mountain Resort.  This event was one of our best events ever.  We are extremely thankful for our dedicated committee for all of their hard work to ensure the event’s success. This event isn’t possible without our generous sponsors whose support has a tremendous impact on our clients and our community.

Congratulations to our winners!

On the ski slopes Covestro’s team 2 came in first place with a time of 95.19 seconds.  The fastest male skier was Jerre Harris with a time of 29.19 seconds and the fastest female skier was Peg Murphy with a time of 39.95 seconds.

At Sporting Clays Stantec won with a score of 447.  The highest overall scores went to Maureen Ford with a score of 82 and Randy Mogielski with a score or 94.

2017 Ski Race Individual Results

2017 Ski Race Team Results

2017 Sporting Clays Individual Results

2017 Sporting Clays Team Results

Once again, former client, David “Bubba” Fullard participated in our event as a member of the Gordon Terminal Service race team.  His perseverance is an inspiration to all of the participants as they watched him make his way down the course.

Bubba crossing the finish line

Bubba crossing the finish line

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