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We are excited to once again offer ProMOTE, Professional Mastery of Office Technology for Employment Program, classeswill begin on June 1st.  This four week training is intended to support individuals who are blind or vision impaired seeking employment that matches their educational and professional background.

ProMOTE uses an immersive training model to emulate the pace of today’s offices, mixing formal classroom instruction with time-sensitive project-based work to simulate the rigor and collaboration of modern workplaces. ProMOTE students learn to create, format, and edit Microsoft Word documents; navigate and manipulate Excel spreadsheets; and create and deliver high quality PowerPoint presentations, as well as search and download files from the Internet, and produce accessible documents.

If you are interested or know anyone who may be, please complete the application and submit via email to promote-12@pghvis.org.  If you have any questions, please contact Art Rizzino at arizzino@pghvis.org or 412.368.4400 x3465.

Partial scholarships are available to those who qualify.

We are honored to add ProMOTE to the many vital programs and services we have at Blind & Vision Rehabilitation Services and are so very grateful for those who made this program possible.

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iGetIt Classes

Our iGetit Classes for Seniors will return again soon

For many, technology is changing the way we interact in the world. For seniors its impact is greater than any other demographic. Technology and iDevices can help older Americans connect in ways that are extremely beneficial.

Our talented instructors in our Access Technology Center are here to help close the technology gap for older Americans. We will once again be hosting a series of informative sessions that will introduce seniors to the iPad and iPhone. Each class is limited to ten students and lasts an hour. Students may attend all four or choose ones that will be the most beneficial.

We hope you will join our talented AT instructors as they teach you how to iGetIt. We invite you to share this information if you know of anyone who could benefit from these amazing classes.

Getting Started

Explore the touch-screen interface and learn to tap, swipe, and flick to navigate through or open the apps, documents, and pictures on your devices. You’ll also learn about accessibility features, like enlarging text size or using the built-in speech output, and get help finding the settings that work best for you.

Getting Connected

Discover how email and texting keeps you in touch with family and friends.  You’ll learn to use the onscreen keyboard and see how Siri and Dictation can help even the worst typists send texts and email messages quickly and easily.

Getting Organized

Learn to use the Calendar app to remind you of upcoming events and appointments and see how Contacts keeps contact information for your family, friends and other important relations readily available.  You’ll also learn to use the Notes app for capturing quick thoughts or creating checklists and Voice Memos to record audio.

Getting Around

Investigate a variety of apps that help you get around town, including Lyft, Uber, Busgazr, Nearby Explorer, BlindSquare, and the Maps app and learn how to keep the Port Authority mobile site on your home screen for easy access.

Class Time: 

Yoga on the Roof

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Yoga on the Roof with Sterling Yoga! Stay tuned lots of exciting things related to yoga coming soon!

photo of a group of individuals standing on our roof with the cityscape in the background

Yoga participants from Envision Blind Sports

photo of individuals on yoga mats in various yoga poses with our roof top garden in the background

Yoga participants from Envision Blind Sports