36th Annual Corporate Cup

Thank you to all who participated in our 36th annual Corporate Cup Ski Race and Sporting Clays event on Friday, February 21st at Seven Springs. The event was a great success and it wouldn’t have happened without our dedicated committee and our generous sponsors: AIMS & Performance Environmental Services, BK Facility Consulting, CJL Engineering, Covestro, Gordon Terminal Service Company, IKM Incorporated, Langan, LGA Partners, Rycon Construction, and UPMC. Their unwavering support of this event impacts our clients’ lives in the most profound and significant ways.

Congratulations to our winners!

At the Sporting Clays competition the first place team was Vista Metals with a score of 329 and our top shooters were Fred Cromling at 91 hits and Christina Bucciero with 59 hits.

On the ski slope the winning team was Covestro with a time of 77.14 seconds and our fastest skiers were Tim Chappell at 23.29 seconds and Katie Rodgers with a time of 24.74 seconds.

The biggest winners from our event was our clients who are better able to achieve their goals because of the generous support from our donors. Through their generosity we are able to offer vital one-on-one instruction that helps those we serve achieve their greatest potential.  Our clients’ dreams of independence and self-sufficiency become reality when they are able to live their best life through employment that matches their knowledge and skill set, become active members of their communities, and feel value in their daily lives.

2020 Sporting Clays Individual Results

2020 Sporting Clays Team Results

2020 Ski Race Individual Results

2020 Ski Race Team Results

Skiers if you would like to see your NASTAR results click here.

Once again, thank you all for your support!  Your participation truly makes a difference and we are so grateful to each of you.

We hope to see you next year for our 37th Annual Corporate Cup Ski Race and Sporting Clays Event on February 19, 2021.